Activities - horse riding

Horse Riding


For everyone from beginner to advanced.  We have so many trails to choose from, no one leaves without an awesome experience tailored for their level of skill and enjoyment. We use western (cowboy) saddles for comfort.  Cross the river, climb the ridge, ride through the game park, do a battle field trail to Vaalkrans or Spionkop, roundup & drive the cattle to new pastures, or do an overnight outride.  Young children can be led on a short ride, or driven in the pony cart!

Mountain Biking


The Berg n Bush cycle challenge runs through Rolling M, so there are wonderful opportunities to train, but there are many cattle paths to follow, pretty rough terrain for the experienced & adventurous, or tamer challenges for those just starting out.  Cyclists are even welcome to follow the horses to get some route ideas
Trail running – cattle trails make excellent paths for runners too –they give plenty of opportunity for ‘rough road’ training.  The rocky thorn veldt is beautiful to run through!

Actvities - mountain biking



You can enjoy the scenery at your own speed – stroll along the river, boulder hop at the edge of the gorge, stride through the hills – rocks, aloes, thorn trees, birds, duiker & kudu – take the adventure to your level!

Water Sports


The mighty Tugela runs through the farm – at the bottom of the garden!  There are stretches of straight river, 2 gorges, and a couple of rapids in between, giving fabulous opportunity for canoeists, river tubing, or hiking along the edge.  We can arrange white water rafting trips for you too! There are grade 4 & 5 rapids in the large gorge, so we can book you in with a registered tour.


Swimming with the horses can be great fun on a hot day.


Fishermen can choose to try their hand at catching yellow fish and carp in the river, or bluegill & bass in the dams. We have rods for those occasional fishermen who don’t bring theirs along!

Activities - water sports
Activities - birding



Birdwatching is easy at Rolling M. At least 70 species have been spotted regularly – many right in the garden. Come for a great bird watching weekend. The diversity of the environment provides the ideal terrain for many different birds.



There are many animals on the farm to entertain the kids (and young at heart).  Possibilities include:

  • Milking dairy cows
  • Feeding calves
  • Feeding poultry – geese, turkeys, ducks and hens
  • Patting baby goats
  • Puppies to love


Rest – the garden is tranquil – with nothing more than the sounds of bird song, you can relax, take a book & read under a tree, or sleep, or sit & watch the birds, rabbits, duiker (if you lucky), take pictures, breathe in the clean country air and refresh your soul.


AND a wide open lawn for ball games, running, and play….

Activities - farming